A guide to staying safe as an escort

A guide to staying safe as an escort

Anyone who says that being an escort is 100% safe and risk-free is lying, both to you and themselves. It's no secret that we live in a society where all professions have inherent risks and escorting is one of them.

No-one is suggesting that you don't become an escort. Instead, it's essential to know what you're up against. That way, you can be conscious of when things are likely to go wrong, and you'll know how to handle certain situations.

The last thing you want to do is get into escorting and not know what to do in a life-threatening situation, for instance. So, without further ado, this handy guide will help you to stay safe as an escort. Here is what you need to know:

ALWAYS trust your gut feelings

As you've probably gathered by now, appearances can be deceptive. In this line of work, you should never assume that someone is 'okay' and judge them by the way they look.

For example, someone wearing a suit could be masking a dark demeanour. And a person wearing casual clothing might be perfectly harmless.

You should always be on your guard around both new and existing clients. Remember that if something doesn't feel right about a person, you have the right to turn them down.

General safety advice when meeting and negotiating with clients

Whenever you speak to a potential client, be confident and assertive. Before you agree to anything, remember that you are in control of your services.

From the outset, you should make it clear what services you are willing to provide and how much you charge. And, most importantly, you should tell your client what you will not do. By saying what your limits are, you lessen the risk of things potentially going wrong.

When it comes to negotiating on price, don't be afraid to say no to any offers. Keep a mental price list in mind and stick to it. If a client's offer falls below your standard price, don't worry about refusing it.

Regardless of the client, it makes sense to carry a personal safety alarm with you. Make sure that you keep it somewhere in easy reach, such as in your pocket.

It also goes without saying that you should have a mobile phone with you. Keep it topped up with credit and ensure it is fully charged. Even if you've got no credit, remember that it costs nothing to dial 999 for emergency help. Consider putting on speed dial the phone number of a trusted friend or the local police.

Wherever you work, it's crucial that you know the location of all exits. This is essential if you need to escape in an emergency situation.

At all times, you should focus on the behaviour of your client. Know what they are doing and where their hands are at all times. It might shock you to know that many escorts new to the profession aren't 'streetwise' and open themselves up to danger!

How to get ready for work

Before you go to work, it's vital that you let someone else know when you're going out and expect to return. It also makes sense to agree with them who they should contact if you don't come back.

As mentioned earlier, take a fully-charged mobile phone with you that has credit on it. Additionally, you should also keep a small amount of cash with you. If you get dumped by a client, for instance, you can then pay for transport to get home.

Something else you should consider carrying with you is a pen and paper. They can be useful tools if you need to make any notes about any incidents that may occur when you are out working.

Assuming you have some details of your next potential client, you should check if they are on the national Ugly Mugs website. In case you didn't know, it shares details nationwide of people that have attacked escorts. Because it's a nationwide scheme, it's not just for London escorts.

The dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs with escort work

It's a well-known fact that alcohol and drugs will affect how you act and think. As you can appreciate, they aren't a good idea to use when you're working as an escort.

If you do want to use alcohol and drugs while you're at work, only use a minimal amount. It's crucial that you remain alert, stable and aware of what's going on around you at all times. Alcohol and drugs can and will impair your ability to do those things.

Another downside to using alcohol and drugs is that it gives clients an opportunity to take advantage of you. Also, some of those clients may tempt you to use alcohol and drugs as payment for your services.

In general, it makes sense to avoid taking or accepting drugs with clients. If they offer you some drugs, you will have no idea what you get offered or what those drugs have been cut with.

What to do if your clients offer you drinks and food

The chances are high that your client will offer you something to drink or eat. If that happens, what should you do?

First of all, don't accept any drink that you have not seen prepared. The last thing you want to do is consume anything spiked with drugs.

When it comes to food, only eat it if it's been pre-packaged and still in a sealed wrapper or served in a restaurant. Also, don't eat anything unless your client is happy to do so as well.

By following those tips, you can be sure that you will only consume untainted drinks and food.

Getting dressed for work

It's vital that you keep your clothing simple. The fewer items of clothing that you wear, the less that can get stolen or lost.

The type of clothing that you wear will usually depend on whether you work in an establishment or do out-calls. In general, it makes sense to:

  • Wear clothing that cannot get pulled over your shoulders to lock your arms;
  • Avoid wearing tight skirts;
  • Walk in comfortable shoes that allow you to run but come off quickly;
  • Wear clothes that don't need to get removed to have sex.

You should also avoid wearing things like scarves that can get used to choke you.

When it comes to jewellery and body piercings, it's best not to have any. There are two reasons why that makes sense. Firstly, they could get pulled and cause you injuries. And, secondly, expensive-looking items could cause you to get mugged or robbed.

If your piercings are a selling point with your clients, be clear with them about how they should get used. After all: you don't want to cause injury to yourself or your clients.

There's no hard and fast rules about specific clothes and jewellery or piercings that you should have. It's easier to think of the following points when you get dressed for work:

  • Can anything I wear get used to hurt me or my clients?
  • Are any accessories I carry desirable to thieves?
  • Do the clothes I wear provide easy access?
  • Can I run fast in what I wear if the need arises?
  • Are the things I wear likely to get caught getting in and out of cars?

Know your working area

One of the critical pieces of escorting advice anyone can ever give you is to know where you work. It's likely that you'll already know the area, but if you're new to the town, do some research.

For example, study a map of the local area. Memorise the safest escape routes, and the location of places like police stations, pubs, and garages. You should also work out where to get a taxi from and where the local buses operate.

If you are aware of your working area, there's a few tips that you should take on board too. One of the most obvious ones is to avoid working in secluded areas. If you have to scream for help, for example, will anyone be able to hear you?

Advice for escorts that work in establishments

Are you planning to work in an establishment? If so, it makes sense to avoid working alone. Being with someone else makes it less likely that you will get attacked by any violent clients.

You should also have an 'escape plan' should things go wrong. Make a mental note of any escape routes in the building. One thing you can do is to ensure the door to your room isn't locked. If there's a key in the lock, remove it and keep it out of sight.

Otherwise, make sure you take a personal alarm and a mobile phone with you. If there are mirrors in the room, be sure to use them so you can see what your client is doing at all times.

From the outset, you should agree with your client what you are doing and how much you are charging. Always get paid upfront, and keep the cash somewhere safe and away from your other money.

Remember: if something doesn't feel right, go with your gut feelings. Try to keep the situation calm and get out of the room as quickly as you can.

Advice for escorts that do home visits or 'out-calls'

There are some extra safety tips that you need to consider if you do home visits or out-calls.

In either case, it's vital you speak to the client and find out exactly what they want before you go. Doing so means you have the opportunity to refuse the out-call if you feel uncomfortable with it.

As mentioned previously, you should make it clear from the outset how much you are going to charge. That way, you both know how much money the client is to pay you.

Does the client sound drunk or under the influence of drugs? If the answer is yes, it's highly recommended that you avoid providing them with any services.

Out-calls to a client's home

Before you agree to visit a client at their home, be sure to get their name and full address. You should try to confirm their landline number with directory enquiries. If they only provide a mobile number, it's likely they have something to hide.

Another thing you should do before seeing the client at their home is to meet them in a public place. Doing so gives you the opportunity to change your mind if you're uncomfortable with them.

If you do agree to go their home, make a note in your mind of how many cars are on the driveway. Are there more people at the property than you were expecting? And if they live in a block of flats, what are the escape routes from their flat?

Once you go into their home, ask to use the bathroom. You then have the opportunity to survey the layout of their home, and make a mental note of things like photos and furniture. It also gives you the chance to check for any hidden cameras.

If things don't go according to plan, try to keep yourself and the situation calm. You should then exit the property as soon as you can, and head straight to a public place.

Out-calls to hotels

Does your client wish you to visit them at a hotel? If so, try to meet with them in a public place first, such as the hotel's bar. It gives you the opportunity to check them out first, especially if you've not spoken to them before. Be sure to familiarise yourself with all exit routes in the hotel (i.e. stairs and lift locations).

If you haven't met them in public beforehand, there's a few things you can do. First of all, ask for their name and room number. Don't agree to meet them if they aren't willing to provide all that information to you.

Next, after confirming the hotel's phone number, ask to call the client back. Only then should you arrange to meet them. When going to the hotel, work out the location of bus routes and taxis. That way, you know where to go when you want to go home.

Once you're in the hotel room, survey it and make sure there are no hidden cameras. If you have a bad feeling about the situation, leave immediately.

Last, but not least, make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you're planning to leave. You should also contact them once you leave the client to confirm that everything is okay.

Once you leave your client

You shouldn't assume that all has gone according to plan once you've left your client. The sad truth is that some people will attempt to follow an escort and attack them afterwards.

Be sure to observe your surroundings and check if you're being followed or not. If someone is following you (i.e. your client or someone they know), try not to panic.

What you should aim to do is head straight to the nearest public place. But, you must do so only by sticking to public routes and busy roads.

Once you are safe, consider leaving an 'ugly mug' report about your client if it is them that has followed you.

Be sure to head to a public place rather than your home. After all; the last thing you want to do is have them know where you live!

Stay safe by using protection and contraception

One of the most significant risks anyone in escorting will face is ending up pregnant or on the receiving end of an STI. That's why it makes perfect sense to use protection and contraception.

Before you provide any services, make it clear that your clients must use protection. If they refuse to do so, you are well within your rights to walk away. You should only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Another thing you should do is to have regular STI checks. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing that you haven't been the recipient of an STI. Plus, it gives your clients peace of mind too.

You can usually have free STI checks from local sexual health clinics and hospitals. Plus, it means that you don't have to make your GP aware of your occupation.

Network with other escorts

One final tip you should consider doing is to network with your fellow escorts. By keeping in contact with them, you can learn about any potential 'ugly mugs' and let them know as well.

You also have the opportunity to forge friendships with other escorts, and provide each other with support. The last thing you want to do is feel alone and vulnerable when you work as an escort.

As you can imagine, networking with other escorts is easy if you work out of an establishment. But, if you work alone, there are different ways to network with them. For instance, you could join a local sex worker support project or use the forum to reach out to other escorts in your area.

Good luck - and stay safe!