How to become an escort

How to become an escort

Why become an escort?

Over recent years, the adult industry has seen a rise in the number of people wanting to get involved and become escorts themselves. Escorting is thought to be one of the oldest professions dating back thousands of years and the proposition of getting paid to have sex is very appealing to many. With careful planning and thought, the risks can be minimised making escorting a safe, profitable and, most of all, enjoyable profession. Becoming an escort is something a lot of people think about, both men and women. Perhaps more than you'd expect.

One of the biggest concerns holding a lot of people back is friends and family finding out about their escorting profession. Some escorts are very open about what they do whereas others may prefer to keep their profession between themselves and their clients. If such is the case, there are ways of hiding your identity online which we'll cover in this article.

How to become an escort

If you're new to escorting, it can be extremely overwhelming and a decision that should not be made without a lot of thought and consideration for the risks involved. The first thing anybody should do is research and educate themselves about the benefits and risks and decide whether it's what they want to do. This can be done by exploring escorting forums and speaking to other escorts - finding out what they enjoy about escorting. Don't be afraid to ask about any bad experiences and learn from these. Most of the time, escorts are very happy to help fellow escorts and this includes sharing information which others can learn from. You'll find that the escorting community is a very open and friendly one.

Set personal boundaries and goals before agreeing to meet with anybody. Decide what you're willing to do and who you're willing to see and never be afraid to refuse a service or a client. Specify exactly what services you offer, both sexual and non-sexual. A lot of escorts offer only non-sexual services including dinner dates and travel companionship. Others may wish to offer more extreme sexual services such as fetishes and bondage. This is a decision that should be made on what you're comfortable with and what you enjoy.

What is an Incall?

Decide whether you wish to provide incalls, outcalls or both. An incall is when the client comes to you. This doesn't necessarily mean they will come to your home - I would strongly recommend that you look into leasing or hiring a property for meeting clients. If this is too expensive, look into sharing a property with another escort. Escort forums are a great place to find property shares.

What is an outcall?

With an outcall, you'd be expected to meet the client at their location or a neutral location such as a hotel. Either way, your safety is the priority. When meeting a client, make sure you inform a friend, family member or fellow escort where you are going and what time you expect to be finished. Personally, I have always preferred meeting clients at hotels as it's reassuring to know that help is nearby if I needed it.

Introduce yourself to escorting gently. You may be nervous or uncomfortable when you meet your first client. It's a situation you may have never been in so may seem daunting at first. Ask yourself what you enjoyed about the meet if there's anything you didn't expect and crucially, would you want to do that again. At all times, it's important to remember that you're in charge and no means no. If you're uncomfortable with something you've been asked, just say no.

Independent escorts and agency escorts

When you set out to become an escort, you will need to make a decision as to whether you'd like to join an agency or if you'd like to be an independent escort. There are advantages to both. An agency will provide you with all of the information you need about escorting and will organise clients for you to see. Many times, they'll also arrange transport to and from the client's location and the driver will offer security should you need it. In exchange for this, the agency will expect a cut from your earnings.

Being an independent escort removes all the pressures and expectations that an agency may burden you with. You won't be expected to pay anybody else and you take your own bookings as and when you want them.

Advertising and promotion

So you've taken the decision to become an escort and your're looking to promote yourself, now it's about finding your clients. Some escorts I know have three or four regular clients who they say week in, week out and do not need to promote themselves. However, when starting out there are a number of ways you can advertise your escorting services.

There is an old stereotype around escorts advertising in phone boxes and standing on street corners. We do not recommend either of these and instead recommend advertising on escort community websites such as this one. This is the best way to reach out to thousands of clients who visit the website every day and ensures a safe environment for everybody.

We also offer a premium listing from just 10p per day. This will give your listing to the homepage and increase your exposure on the website.

Sexual health

Above all else, your health should be your number one priority. Do not accept requests for unprotected sex. This is something escorts are asked way too much and should always be greeted with a firm "No". I know many escorts who will refuse or terminate a meet if they are even asked for this. Despite how clean the client appears or promises to be, having unprotected sex is a decision that could cost you your profession or even your life. It's not worth it and I cannot emphasize that point enough. Provide condoms, and lots of them. All different types and flavours (including latex free) so that the client has got a choice and cannot use this as an excuse to not wrap up. If offering incalls, remember to clean up after every meet. Dettol should be your new best friend.

If you need any further guidance or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or in the escorts forum. We're a friendly bunch and always happy to help. If you have given escorting a lot of consideration and want to create a free listing on this website, go ahead and press the button below.

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