Coronavirus: How to protect yourself and stay safe

Coronavirus: How to protect yourself and stay safe

Protecting yourself against Coronavirus and COVID-19: A Guide For Escorts & Clients

COVID-19, a disease caused by the current Coronavirus pandemic, has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives and society. The escorting business is no different.

The official advice is to avoid all social interactions and remain a safe distance from other people to avoid the spread of the disease. However, for a lot of people in the country at this time, there are huge financial concerns and stopping working does not seem like a viable option. It's only natural for escorts and clients to feel a little concerned about the global pandemic and the risks of catching the potentially deadly viral infection. However, with the right precautions, escorts can continue to meet clients without worrying about COVID-19 - or at least without any additional concerns to those that already impact all of us.

Smarter preparations are the key to protecting yourself against the Coronavirus. Here's all you need to know about avoiding COVID-19 as an escort or client.

Know the COVID-19 symptoms

First and foremost, it's important to educate yourself on the Coronavirus symptoms, whether you're escorting or not, so that you can identify COVID-19 at the earliest possible stage. This will subsequently put you in the best position to protect yourself as well as others – whether that be clients, escorts, or even your friends and family.

The three primary symptoms to look out for are;

  • A persistent dry cough
  • A high temperature, potentially with shakes and nausea,
  • A shortness of breath.

Patients have also noted that migraines, fatigue, pains in the eyes, and flu symptoms. While all of the symptoms can be associated with other conditions, it's important to self-isolate for 14 days if you have contracted COVID-19. Even if the symptoms are mild, you should self-isolate.

Unless you are in the high-risk zone (over 70s and people with existing respiratory problems, for example), the body will probably fight the illness by itself, just as it would overcome any bout of standard flu. Antibiotics will not help, but paracetamol and medications designed to relieve the symptoms should be taken. Similarly, regular hydration is essential.

The symptoms won't always show right away. So, if another member of your household is showing symptoms, you should obey the self-isolation rules too. Once the 14-day window has passed and symptoms have disappeared, you should be OK to get back to normal life – including the escorting activities.

COVID-19 safety tips for escorts

Consider offering alternative services

Escorting itself denotes close and intimate, sexual encounters. However this isn't always necessary. With millions of people around the United Kingdom expected to isolate over the coming weeks and months amid potential lockdown and restrictions on the horizon, people will be confined to their homes with their smart phones. This presents a real opportunity to offer alternative phone chat services including sex chat, video chat and sexting from the safety of your own homes whilst still being able to earn an income. To show that you offer these services, remember to tick the relevant boxes when editing your listing.

Travel advice regarding Coronavirus

Whether you're an escort or an office worker, it's likely that travel to your job will pose the biggest threat of all. Standing on packed public transport will see you come into contact with potentially hundreds of people, which could put you at great risk of allowing the virus to enter the body through the nose and mouth before finding a host cell.

Given that many offices and stores throughout the country are temporarily closed, public transport has become less busy. However, you should continue to take care. If possible, you should either drive your car to appointments. Alternatively, black cabs are a very safe option. When public transport is the only option, you should;

  • Carry hand sanitiser and use it after touching screens, doors, and rails.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wear a mask to avoid contact with infected people.
  • Try to find empty carriages and sit/stand away from others.
  • Avoid travel at the busiest times if possible.
  • Public meetings advice in relation to COVID-19

Most of the UK is now in a situation where the majority of bars, restaurants, and other places that you may frequent to provide the girlfriend experience in public are closed. Very few business events and celebrations will continue either. As such, you probably won't need to worry too much about this aspect.

If you do, though, you must try to avoid close contact with large groups of people at all times. Meanwhile, you should make use of the restroom facilities to wash your hands for 20 seconds as advised by the government.

Sexual relations and COVID-19

When planning to provide sexual services to a client, the fact that you are one-on-one actually reduces your threat of contracting Coronavirus. After all, there's only one person that can infect you.

However, there are still several precautions and steps that can be taken to reduce any risks associated with the condition. Some of the most valuable ideas include;

  • Insist on fresh bedding whether it's your place, their place, or a hotel.
  • Once you enter the hotel room (or other venue) wash your hands and insist that the client does the same. You may also want to wipe down door handles and other hazardous items.
  • Suggest wearing a mask. This can be incorporated as a roleplay of being a nurse, for example.
  • Focus on positions that will keep your faces apart or facing the opposite directions for as long as possible.
  • Rule out kissing, spitting, and any other activity that would pass the infection on.
  • Wash your hands once again after you've finished.

All of these issues can be lined out beforehand to check that both parties are happy. Ultimately, it's as crucial for their health as yours as you could potentially have COVID-19 and not know about it. The experience will be far more enjoyable when you can both keep Coronavirus out of your minds too.

Trust your instincts

When meeting a client during the COVID-19 pandemic, they should accept that you have concerns and they will likely have fears of their own. It's nothing personal, and you must both accept that this situation requires extra precaution and transparency.

If the client isn't happy discussing this, or makes you feel uneasy in any way during the booking phase or during the early interactions, it's best to walk away. Your health is far more important than a night's money.

COVID-19 safety tips for clients

When planning to see an escort during the COVID-19 pandemic, all clients are advised to take extra care at all times. For advice on travel to the meeting, you can read the advice detailed in the above safety tips for escorts. Meanwhile, you should think twice about whether you really need to spend time in a crowded public space. Time with your escort should be a break from the stress of Corona, not another source of panic. There are several other issues to consider too.

Choosing an escort

When choosing an escort for your upcoming meeting, it's best to select a local girl. This reduces your time spent travelling and makes life far more convenient. When browsing profiles, you can also look at their data to see if there's any suggestion that their day job includes working in densely populated locations. It may be best to avoid those for a while.

If you are a regular client, selecting an escort that you are familiar and comfortable around is highly beneficial. Naturally, though, this isn't an option for first-time callers. Either way, using a service like Adult Seek helps you stay protected too as we care about our girls as well as our clients.

Set some bedroom boundaries

In truth, any escort willing to perform sexual services should be up to date with the issues relating to COVID-19 and want to take precautions. Nonetheless, this cannot be used as an excuse to ignore your responsibilities.

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before doing anything, and make sure that your escort does the same. Avoid kissing and any physical actions that could push the virus into your mouth or nose. Try to avoid breathing on each other too much too.

If possible, putting a fan on can help circulate the air to stop any viral bacteria from close contact from entering the body.

Post-sex cleaning

You should want to wash yourself after sexual encounters anyway. Nonetheless, cleaning takes on an even greater importance at this time. Taking those precautions should keep you protected. But if you do notice symptoms in the coming days, you may want to contact the escort to ask whether she has contracted COVID-19 too.

The final word

Escorting carries it's own risks and particularly more so with the current coronavirus pandemic and crisis the world is now in. However the same can be said about the vast majority of other jobs and social activities. The harsh reality is that nobody in any job can make themselves immune to infection. The best you can do, then, is put the right precautions in place to minimise the risks during all escorting interactions.

If you take extra care before, during, and after meetings, there's nothing to stop you enjoying the world of escorting in a safe manner. But if you do encounter the symptoms, a temporary break is essential. Do not dismiss it.

Should you wish to continue escorting during these difficult times, we hope the above advice is helpful. You may also find safety and hygiene tips from other members in our forums. Please stay safe!