, 31

Female escort in Ashford, Kent


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3 weeks ago
May 2023
Can accomodate
Can't travel


  • Massage
  • Oral (with protection)
  • Penetration (protected)



Incall Outcall
½ hour £50
1 hour £100
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours


Kim251983, 31

Woman of your dreams

Sex and oral condoms only

You CAN lick and touch me all over

If you book half hour or longer you get a free massage

Call/text for more info!

No anal, cim, rim or dom

I give basic service only

Postcode TN24 Ashford Kent

Ignore the bad review... he has severe mental health issues!

I have plenty of regulars who love and enjoy my service!!

Feedback (1)

Hello87: "Not good at all. When she says basic service she definitely means it. It was very boring won't be going back again.."
Hello87: "Not good at all. When she says basic service she definitely means it. It was very boring won't be going back again.."

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the house you take clients in yours?
A. No it's a friend's house, they let me use it!
Q. Can I turn up outside the house at anytime?
A. No! If I don't answer the phone it means I'm busy, or the owners of the house are there! Do not turn up there looking for me! The owner is 6'5 in the military and has a few bodies under his belt!
Q. If I see you public, what do I do?
A. Ignore me, don't look at me, walk straight passed me. A few clients have come up to me in the past. Do not do this as what we are doing is private. No you can't talk to me in the middle of Asda carpark lol
Q. Do I have kids or husband?
A. My private life is none of your business! Some of you think you're journalists and asking me 10,000 questions! There's no need for it! You're in the house for one purpose and 1 purpose only.
Q. Am I renovating the house!
A. I'm not, but the owners are!
Q. Can I do anal
A. No I hate ass play! I give basic service only
Q. Do I do BB
A. No, do I look suicidal?
Q. Do I French kiss?
A. No, do I look like I want herpes?
Q. Can I be your girlfriend?
A. Yes... Only if your a rich fuck who is very generous!
Q. Can I prank call you like a fucking idiot?
A. Anyone prank calling will automatically get bad karma and burn in hell! And will get blocked!
Q. Do I need to bring anything?
A. Yes Cash I provide condoms etc
Q. How much money do I make?
A. How much money do you make? You lot are nosey as fuck!
Q. Can I see a picture of you?
A. Sure I will send you my profile link
Q. Are pictures of you real?
A. Think about it, why would I put pictures of a big black woman on the profile? Wouldn't it make sense to lie and put a skinny, white or Asian woman on there? I will send you my profile link

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